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Reason #548 why I love Trent Reznor

You know what makes me love Trent Reznor even more than I do now? The fact that he embraces fan-based remixes instead of spurns them, like oh-so-many snobby musicians (*cough* Metallica, we’re looking at you! *cough*). He never ceases to amaze me, though. A few days ago, while perusing the NIN website, I came across [...]

Art for Art’s Sake

Of all the talents that a person can possess my deepest, fondest wish is to draw. I find it so unfair that my sister can draw so well, while I can barely grasp a pen and put it to paper. My great-aunt was an artist, so is my aunt. My house is decorated by the [...]

Oldest update for a 1st half of 2004

June 30th, 2004 Hi, everyone! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated here. Should have known with the big flurry of updates in May I’d completely forget this month. Honestly, though, I’ve been extremely busy, both online and off. When I did have time I just kept forgetting about it. *blush* Plus, [...]

Previous updates at 2004

May 24th, 2004 Forsaken Faith has a new affiliate — I do intend to make those 88×31 link buttons, but I got distracted by a new fanlisting approval last week. On that note, I finished both the episode fanlisting I adopted and the new fanlisting I was approved for, but I’m waiting to advertise [...]

From April 2004

April 26th, 2004 Sorry for the delay in the update, but I had to go out of town on business unexpectedly. It was boring, I was by myself, and I had to sleep on a bed that was harder than stone. I’m home now, though, so much yayness. Onto site stuff — First, very exciting [...]

Update from March 2004

March 27th, 2004 From now on I’m probably only going to update here once a week — it makes a lot more sense honestly. I’ll continue to update all my sites daily, but the overall update here will generally be on Fridays or Mondays. On to the actual updates, Forsaken Faith got a new affiliate [...]

Updates from February, 2004

February 25th, 2004 The biggest update, as you may have noticed, is the brand new layout here at Forsaken Faith — version 5: not so fairytale. I wanted to try something different, so I’ve switched from div layers to tables. I’ve also made the layout 800×600 compatible, after I realized just how many people still [...]

Happy New 2004 Year

January 26th, 2004 There are many, many new things to talk about. First and foremost, there was an incident with the MySQL database I use for all of my fanlistings. Needless to say it was deleted, which nearly gave me an anurism before I remembered I had made a backup last Monday. So, I imported [...]