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Welcome to Forsaken Faith. This is the domain/collective of . The site is skinnable, so feel free to choose a new skin/layout on this page.

March 25th, 2005
Hello everyone, my name is Christian, and I'm Selene's husband. You all may have noticed Selene's absence of late, even in regards to her fanlistings. This is because Selene has been in the hospital since the middle of last month. She just came home earlier today, but she's doing okay now and is recovering. Since she's supposed to be resting, she won't be back online until the beginning of next month, and even then it will probably only be for short periods of time.

Because of all that and in an effort to keep Selene off the computer, I'm shortly going to be going through and adding the pending members to all of her fanlistings for her. I'm not really well versed in a lot of HTML and web design (adding text to a premade webpage like I'm doing now is about all I can do), so I won't be making any other updates, but if you've contacted Selene about anything like that I'm sure she'll get back to you as soon as she can.

February 9th, 2005
Okay, so I haven't posted an update here in... a very long time. *sigh* I apologize, honestly, but between being busy with a number of things, forgetting to post here when I updated, and putting it off once the updates had piled up, it just didn't happen. One of my New Years resolutions was to finally post an update here, though, so here we have it. :) I just want to note, though, that when I say something is "new," I mean that it's new since the last actual update which was on July 22nd, 2004. So "new" could have been six months ago or longer, as some of these are. When reading the update, keep in mind this covers updates I should have posted over the past six months. ;)

First there is some news and updates involving my hostees. Lena has opened four new sites on her subdomains: Gift From God (the namelisting for the name Jonas), Down to Earth (the namelisting for the name Jarod), Voice of God (the fanlisting for Metatron) and Splendidly Equine (the fanlisting for Blue Roan Horses). Heather of Man Behind the Mask has moved her blog/personal site A Face in the Crowd here, and Ingrid (a hostee who had just recently moved in) has moved her fanlisting collective to her own brand new domain and renamed it fanFANfan. Sarah moved her fanlistings that were hosted here to her own domain, and A Single Spark, Winter's Kagome/Sesshoumaru fansite, has been moved to Winter's new domain Eternal Adoration.

Next there is the fanlisting front. Many changes have taken place since I last updated -- new fanlistings, adopted fanlistings, given away fanlistings, a new collective, and new fl collective layouts to name a few. As to the collectives, Grins and Lies has been skinned and has a new layout featuring Stephen Dorff, while Painted Blind simply has a new layout featuring Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. With the branching off and opening of The Anime Fanlistings Network from, I opened up a new fanlisting collective entirely for my anime/manga related fanlistings. It's called Forgotten Lore after a line from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, and it currently has two skins. Both skins are anime/manga related, of course, one being of characters from Tokyo Mew Mew and the other with characters from Chobits.

As to individual fanlistings, I decided to wait and give them an update of their own later, since I have to update my collective as well.

Finally, I've cleaned out my affiliates list and removed any that were dead links or that didn't have Forsaken Faith as an affiliate. I also updated two of the affiliate links: became and became

And I think that's everything, excepting the fanlistings of course. :)