Reason #548 why I love Trent Reznor

You know what makes me love Trent Reznor even more than I do now? The fact that he embraces fan-based remixes instead of spurns them, like oh-so-many snobby musicians (*cough* Metallica, we’re looking at you! *cough*). He never ceases to amaze me, though. A few days ago, while perusing the NIN website, I came across the downloads. In it were copies of Nine Inch Nails’ current singles in ‘garageband’ format (GarageBand is a software application that allows users to create a piece of music, developed by Apple Computer for their Macintosh computers.) along with this message:

Well, the experiment of releasing The Hand That Feeds in garageband format was a resounding success. For those of you unaware, I essentially gave away the master multitrack sessions for that song for you to remix / reinterpret / ruin. Last I checked there were hundreds of remixes and info posted here alone.

I’ve enjoyed and cringed at what you’ve done with my song. Thank you (I think).

So …

Here I offer you Only, the new single. This time, I’ve expanded the idea from just offering the song in garageband format to four different formats that include Windows users as well.

Again, there is no agenda here other than for you to explore, experiment, and have fun with it. Depending on how this goes we may construct a more formal community for remix postings and/or possibly some sort of “official” endorsement by means of an EP or something.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with…

trent reznor

How insane is that? I’ve been gleefully downloading oodles of remixes from the website which is right here if you’re interested. They range from the spectacular (Only – Butchered Goth Remix by GTB) to the craptacular (take your pick, there’s hundreds ;) ).
Not a fluffy white bunny …

This is by-far the creepiest shit I have ever seen. Not only is it because it’s so strange but also because it’s (seemingly) real. Who knows, I could just be duped by it, but it looks damn real and I’ve never really seen it before, so I don’t think it’s quite that popular. Still, this is gonna haunt me worse than any scary movie I have seen to date. Seriously.
Could it be another scam?

This week has been so boring it’s hard to find something to blog about, but today I got a phone call from someone at American Income Life Canada. I have a job interview tomorrow! I hope it’s not another one of those scams that I got carted off to in May. I received an email six days ago regarding a job opening at American Income and it had a link that said “If you are interested in learning more about this important opportunity, please click this link”. So I did, thinking that it was going to take me to a webpage with the job description. All it said was “Thank you for your interest in the job opportunity we have at American Income. You will be contacted by our local representative soon.”

Now I’m not so excited anymore. I don’t want to go there to find out it’s a job where I have to sell shit to people out of a cardboard box (God almighty, that’s one less thing I need), but I suppose I should give it a shot.

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